The Perfect Food Processor For Making Baby Food

2016 top rated food processor

Having more control of what goes into the food that you feed your kids is something that a lot of parents strive for.  This is why more and more people have turned to making their own baby food for their children.  One of the best appliances to accomplish this is a food processor.  Not only can most high quality models shred, chop and slice foods for your recipes, but they can also make delicious and nutritious food for infants.  One such product that we highly recommend is the Breville BFP800XL.  Now before you read any further you should know that is a pricey machine, usually around $400 so it is not ideal for a lot of tight budgets, but if you can afford it then it is well worth the money.

We have used the BFP800XL in our own kitchen, but we also examined its results in many online food processor reviews to see how other owners have rated this small appliance, and the results are almost unanimous.  Customer scores are super high despite how expensive this food processor is compared to other brands.  So which features make the Breville Sous Chef stand apart from the crowd?

Breville BFP800XL Highlights


The BFP800XL comes with two work bowls; one large bowl (3.8l) and a mini processing bowl that is a 2.5 cup. The large processing bowl allows you to blend up large serving while the small one can be used for small jobs like mincing garlic or parsley. You might have noted that many food processes bowls usually has a hole in the bottom center, but not this one: it is completely sealed to prevent leaks when processing a lot of ingredients. The small has to be inside the large one in order for it to work, but it does has its own S blade, and unlike the large one, it not sealed because, you aren’t going to use it for large servings.


It has a 1200 watt induction motor. One great thing about induction motors is that they are simple and rugged in construction, and hence they tend to last for a long time. That’s why this unit comes with a 25 years warranty. The induction motor also makes this machine very powerful and when you press the pause or the on button the food are chopped or shred in a matter of a second. You will be amazed at how this unit works and how efficient it is, and if you have been using a small processor for a while, you might begin to use the pause button, and use one item at a time, until you learn how fast it works.


One of the greatest features of this food processor is the wide selection of blades that are all made from stainless steel for numerous prep options. All the blades and disc are housed in a nice, convenient accessory storage. There are three blades which include Micro-serrated S blade, the mini processing blade and the dough blade. You will also get five multi-functional discs, each of which is safe to handle, they have a flash design to ensure you do not get cut, but be careful . With the disc, you can be able to control the thickness of the ingredients that you are processing, thanks to the adjustment settings on the slicing disc.

Control and Safety Feature

The Breville BFP800XL r features a control panel with three stylish round buttons and an LCD with an auto timer. You can use the auto timer to set your desired time for processing, and it will stop processing as soon as the set time is reached. You will also notice that this unit is secure in all aspect: the bowls are BPA free, the lid and the food pushers have a safety lock mechanism that prevent the motor from turning if you do not lock everything in place. A cleaning brush is also included for safe cleaning of the blades and the disc.

Wider Feed Chute

The size of feed chute is super wide, (5.5 inches) to allow you to slice, chop or shred any ingredient without having to cut it first. You can put a large potato and a whole zucchini or whatever you need to cut without any worry. Along with the feed tube is a small pusher that is great for small produce like carrot and you can use it as a measuring cup if you aren’t using in your processing.

User Ratings

Breville products have generally are some of the most wished for and highly rated appliances on the market.  When it comes to the Breville BFP800XL food processor, many reviews show that this is an excellent choice because of it is robust, efficient, sturdy, well built, smooth running, quiet,  and easy to operate.  If you are looking for a high end food processor to handle your baby food needs, then this may be just what you are looking for.

The Best Juicer For Full Time Mothers


Being a full time Mom can be extremely taxing on your energy and your time.  Often our sleep and our diet ends up suffering.  This is where having a juicer in your kitchen can be extremely helpful.  It is super simple way to get the nutrients you need every day and it can give you a natural energy boost to keep up with the little ones.  You can improve your diet without much effort or time put into it.  But what if there was also a juicer that could make all natural baby food as well?  The Omega NC800 is one such machine that both parents and kids can benefit from as it is an all in one nutrition center. has this ranked as its best juicer for 2016, and for Moms concerned about the diet of their children it offers an added bonus that makes it an extremely valuable machine to have in your kitchen.

Advantages As A Juicer

The NC800 HDS is most enjoyed as a powerful and efficient masticating juicer.  This method of juicing is preferred for anyone who plans to juice a ton of leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, or wheatgrass.  The pressing action of this type of machine extracts very high amounts of juice from whatever type of food you drop into it to ensure that nothing goes to waste.  Some of the aspects of this juicer that get extremely high praise from owners include;

  • Juice Yield – The amount of juice this machine gets from hard to handle foods like kale make this a winner for users.  Omega has made some improvements to the NC800 that make it produce around 20% to 30% higher juice yield than previous models.
  • Wide Feed Chute – These types of masticating juicers typically come with small feed chutes which means you have to waste time cutting fresh produce into smaller sizes just to fit inside of the machine.  A larger feed chute helps reduce food prep time and makes the entire experience less of a hassle.
  • Adjustable End Cap – Unique to the NC800 is an end cap which can be adjusted depending on what type of food you are juicing.  This lets you get customize and maximize the juice yield for both hard and soft fruits and vegetables.
  • Slow Juicing – This model operates at just 80RPM which helps produce a quieter machine.  The slower speed also lowers the oxidation of the juice and allows it to keep longer without spoiling.  This will come in handy if you want to juice enough to last for 2 or 3 days.  Centrifugal juicers, on the other hand, produce a juice with higher oxidation that should be consumed right away.

Advantages As A Nutrition Center

As we mentioned earlier, the NC800 can do a lot more than juice fruits and veggies.  It comes with different nozzles that transform this machine into a complete nutrition center.  Some of the different things that it can do include; extrude pasta, grind, make natural nut butters, soy milk, and of course baby food.

  • All Natural Baby Food – This is something that a lot of mothers really appreciate.  Being able to control what you child eats and knowing exactly what is in their food is something that a lot of parents strive for.  The NC800 allows you to produce soft, palatable, and tasty food that your baby will enjoy.  Food such as steamed carrots can be broken down into a consistency that your child can handle with one of the included nozzles.  While juicing veggies is not advisable for babies, preparing your own baby food is safe and healthy.
  • Natural Nut Butters – We all know how much peanut butter we can go through on a weekly basis with plenty of hungry kids around.  Well instead of buying tons of jars at the grocery store, you can make your own natural and healthy peanut butter at home.  Again, the different nozzles included with the NC800 offer you amazing versatility to experiment in the kitchen and improve the diet of your kids.
  • Pasta Maker – The same can be said for pasta lovers.  The pasta extruding attachment is great for anyone who loves to create their own homemade meals with out prepackaged ingredients.

This is just a small sampling of what this machine can do and a complete NC800 juicer review will shed more light on all of the ways this juice extractor can help you improve the diet of your entire family.  Now it is a relatively new model so the price is going to be somewhat of an investment.  It currently will cost you around $300 for one of these, but given that you can do so much more than juicing produce, it offers one of the best values of any juicer on the market.  The ability to transform the nutritional intake of not only you, but your children as well, is something that few small kitchen appliances can do.  In our opinion it is worth every penny.

Staying In Shape With A BOB Jogging Stroller

Top stroller for runnersOne of the challenges that full time mothers often face is finding personal time to do things that they love or want to do, like workout. Jogging strollers are a great way to combine looking after the kids with getting daily exercise. It is also something that children can also benefit from as they can get out and see the world with Mom or Dad. There are a wide variety of different running strollers available, but one that stands out for comfort, performance, and safety is the BOB Revolution Flex jogger. If you are looking for a way to get back into shape without sacrificing time with the kids, then this is one piece of equipment that is definitely worth the investment. You really do not have to run that far to see the benefits that jogging can produce. Below is a brief run down of the Flex stroller.


The main selling point of this stroller is the adjustable handle bar that is able to accommodate runners of varying heights.  If Mom and Dad like to run, then the stroller is able to fit them both comfortably.  This is where the “Flex” comes into play.  Having a correct handle bar placement not only makes it more enjoyable to push, but it also helps keep the hands and arms from getting fatigued and the runner is better able to maneuver the stroller safely.

Some of the other features that make this stroller standout include;

1. Premium quality materials

The BOB’s fabric is made of strong breathable materials which promises long life and a cool ride. Moreover, the plastic components of this stroller are very strong and are not vulnerable to bending hence guaranteeing durability.  The frame is light weight but strong which makes it ideal for going off road on bumpy terrain.

2. Tracking adjustment dial

This is an important feature that helps you to straighten your stroll when the front wheel starts drift to one side. This increases the flexibility of this product.

3. Tough pneumatic tires

These tires are able to handle terrains of all kinds: tough or smooth. This ensures that your baby enjoys the ride irrespective of the terrain.

4. Warranty

The BOB Stroller has a limited warranty of which gives you the peace of mind when purchasing this product. The frames have a limited warranty of 5 years while the fabric and other small parts have a limited warranty of 1 year.

5. Foot brake

This brake allows you to control the stroller. It locks both wheels. However, your shoes may have some scratches since the brakes are not flip-flip friendly. The brakes enhances the safety of your child while riding.

The pros

  • A huge canopy: this stroller has two huge panels that provide enough shed. In fact, the canopy of this stroller is among the best canopies in the 21st century.
  • Roomy seat: when it comes to the size of the seat, this stroller gets a good rating. The width and height of this seat is seat is about 14.5” and 23” respectively.
  • Adequate storage at the back: this stroller has enough storage to carry things that your baby may need when you are out. It offers enough space to pack small items that will keep your child comfortable throughout the day.
  • Easy fold: the folding and unfolding process is extremely easy. Usually, it is a process that uses both hands: in two steps. You need to lock your stroller with a clip once you have folded it since it does not lock automatically.
  • Lightweight: 25 pounds is a reasonable weight for a stroller. It is also smaller when folded especially if the wheels are taken off.
  • The adjustable handlebar lessens the fatigue on parents hence allowing then run over long distances. The adjustable suspension and adjustable tracking makes the passenger comfortable and helps you to run straight.

The cons

  • The stroller does not lock automatically once it has been folded. This means that you must use a clip to lock your stroller. However, the manufacturer has promised to add this feature to the next generation.
  • The stroller is not cheap.  While a lot of owners find the Flex worth the price, it is not exactly budget friendly.
  • Unfortunately, this stroller does not contain a cup/bottle holder. This means that you must look for an alternative for this since water is necessary during exercise.

Investing In Your Health

Even with the higher price, the BOB Revolution Flex is perhaps the highest rated jogging stroller on the market in 2016. The performance of this product is second to none which is reflected in its high scores from customer reviews.  Whether you are training for a marathon, or you just want to get outside and walk at a brisk pace, this stroller will be able to handle just about any type of terrain and speed.  Its versatility and ease of use is something that just about every mother can take advantage of.  So let’s get moving.

Reduce The Stress Of Driving With The Right Infant Car Seat

2016 Top car seat for infantsGenerally, a great infant car seat is; spacious, easy to install, convenient and that which offers safety. Such kind of car seat makes an infant comfortable and incredibly easy to travel with.   Unfortunately, with our first child, we decided to save a little money since our budget was tight.  We ended up using a safety seat that was a real pain to try and navigate every day.  I had issues with the straps, it was quite heavy, and the little one didn’t really look forward to riding in the car.

This triggered me with our second child to find a better solution than what I had previously gone with.  I had a friend who used the Chicco Keyfit 30 and kept singing its praises every time that I talked to her.  She absolutely loved it and kept recommending it to me as I was getting near time to give birth.  One day I was riding with her and really took a thorough look at it, how she and her child used it, and she showed me everything it could do.  I was impressed to say the least.

I then went online to check out what kind of feedback other owners had given it, and it was mostly extremely high praise.  After doing a lot of research, it was easy to come to the conclusion that this was the top infant car seat for my child.  I finally pulled the trigger and purchased this Chicco safety seat and had it ready to go ahead of time.  When it came time to use it, we were not let down.  This thing was such a nice upgrade from our previous car seat that it was almost night and day.  So this is the go to infant seat that we recommend now to anyone who will listen.  We decided to write a short review to list some of the terrific features that this seat has to offer.

Key Features

1. Centre-pull latch

The center-pull latch allows easy and quick installment from both sides of your vehicle hence giving you confidence about your child’s safety. The bubble levels also performs the same function as the center-pull latch.

2. Adjustable harness and base

This feature allows you to adjust the seat such that it can fit your growing baby. This means that you don’t need to replace your seat when your baby starts to grow. You only need to make adjustments to fit your baby. Moreover, it has an adjustable head support feature which gives your baby’s head incredible support while growing.

3. Solid construction and good design

Everyone loves beautiful and attractive things. The keyfit is one of the most attractive car infant seat ever invented. I heard many people backing up this product but I did not believe it until I tool a close look at it. You would probably love it from the first sight.

4. Interior EPS energy absorbing foam

The interior of the keyfit seat is lined with the EPS energy absorbing form which increases the impact protection. This ensures that your newborn baby is not exposed to any potential threats. It also has a crash protection to provide an extra margin of safety.

Chicco has an excellent safety record and a relatively unblemished record of not having their car seats being recalled.  You can trust this manufacturer as their seats meet or exceed safety standards around the globe.  It is also important to read the manual that comes with any car seat to make sure that you are using it properly.  Unfortunately, this is something that an alarming number of parents overlook which in the end can increase the risk of injury.


  • infant safety seat reviewThe car seat offers excellent safety due to the side-impact protection feature. It is tested and meets all the conditions of the federal safety requirements. Moreover, its design offers extra body and head support.
  • It is convenient. Regardless of the kind of life that you live, this car seat will fit perfectly in your life. This is because this product fits with many strollers without much hassle. Moreover, it is easy to install in your vehicle.
  • The Keyfit 30 material is machine washable. This reduces the hassle of washing since most of the work will be done by the machine washer.
  • The seat is lightweight hence giving parents ample time to move their infants to wherever place they want with ease. It weighs approximately 9.6 pounds making it one of the lightest infant seats available in the market.
  • This infant seat is easy to use. It includes easy to follow instructions, easy installation procedure, easy to place and remove the child into and from the seat.
  • This safety seat comes handy with a one year limited warranty. Moreover, the chicco website ensures that the customers get access to amazing support. The customer service representatives can be contacted via email or phone call. This gives you great value of your investment since any problem that you encounter can be sorted immediately just by single click of a button.


  • Removing the seat cushions may be trick especially for a newbie. This wastes a lot of your time when you want to take them off for washing.
  • The inability of the padding to breathe makes your baby to sweat. Therefore, you need to carry additional two or three clothes especially if it is summer season.

Save Yourself The Worrying

The Chicco Keyfit 30 is a product whose performance cannot be questioned. Thousands of customers who have tried this product have given positive testimonies on the quality services they received. Driving in a car is perhaps the most dangerous thing that we do every day.  This is often an area of anxiety for parents as they want something that offers the maximum protection for their child while in the car.  Getting one of these infant seats is a great way to take some of the worry out your daily commute and it is something that is definitely worth the investment for both parent and child.