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Time for Parenting...

...because raising children is a full-time job


Time for Parenting is an initiative of Full Time Mothers (FTM). FTM was founded in 1990 by parents concerned about the relentless drive to get all mothers into paid employment outside the home and all children into third party childcare.

Full Time Mothers aims to:

  • promote understanding of the child's need for a full-time mother
  • enhance the status and self esteem of mothers at home
  • campaign for changes in the tax and benefits system and employment policy, to give more women the choice to be full-time mothers

Full Time Mothers is a non-profit organisation run by volunteers. We have no paid staff.

Membership is open to all who share our aims. We welcome mums, dads, grandparents, carers, single parents, couples, health care professionals, parents in paid employment outside the home and parents not in paid employment outside the home.

We welcome all who share our concern about the relentless drive towards tax-payer funded non-parental childcare for children of an ever younger age and our concerns about the biased approach to supporting family life, which ignores mothers (and fathers) caring for their own children full time.

We are non political and non denominational.


  • Lady Jacobovits
  • Lady Griffiths
  • Patricia Morgan
  • Fiona Castle
  • Oliver James