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Good Food for Kids

Dr Penny Stanway

Dr Stanway, author of Breast is Best, is an FTM member, a mother of three and a doctor with years of practice in child health, as well as being a health columnist and broadcaster.

In this book she discusses a healthy balanced diet for babies and children up to 6 in a practical and realistic light. The book also covers eating problems and food-associated illnesses. The second half of the book contains over 100 healthy and nutritious recipes, including recipes suitable for the under-ones.

As Dr Stanway says in her introduction: 'Studies are increasingly finding that the way we feed our babies and young children can have effects that last way into adult life. This is one of the most exciting areas of modern nutritional research and emphasises the importance of getting your child off to a good start.'

Hamlyn, £14.99 hardback - buy it or order at your local library