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Ghosts from the Nursery - Tracing the Roots of Violence

Robin Karr-Morse and Meredith Wiley reviewed by Jill Kirby

Concerned by the continuing increase in violent crime, especially amongst children and teenagers, the American authors of this book maintain that inside young offenders are the 'ghosts' of neglected babies.

Advances in neuroscience confirm what psychologists have long believed: that experiences in the first two years of a child's life provide the emotional blueprint which will determine the adult to come. Neglect, abuse, or failure to respond to a baby's needs will jeopardise the child's ability to trust, empathise and develop a conscience.

The book presents case histories of 'children who kill', alongside a mass of evidence about infant development and the pivotal role of both mothers and fathers in nurturing a new life. The authors, both practitioners and campaigners in child welfare, stress the need to identify 'at risk' infants (preferably before birth) and provide parents with structured advice, support and if necessary intervention.

Infants at risk include those of young, single mothers, those with a history of crime, drug or alcohol abuse, or who have themselves suffered abuse or neglect. This book should be read by all politicians- it might convince them that investing in full-time motherhood and stable families would be money better spent than building more prisons.

Atlantic Monthly Press available from amazon.com 12.99 pb