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Marriage-Lite: The Rise of Cohabitation and its Consequences

Patricia Morgan

Researcher, author and sociologist specialising in family policy, Patricia Morgan is a patron of FTM. Her latest book, published by the Institute for the Study of Civil Society (formerly the Health & Welfare Unit of the IEA) examines modern cohabitation.

Far from being a mirror-image of marriage, Patricia argues that cohabitation turns out to be something very different. Cohabiting relationships are always more likely to fracture than marriages entered into at the same time. It is no longer true that cohabiting couples marry when children come along.

Cohabitations with children are in fact more likely to fragment than childless ones. Policy-makers who like to assume that cohabitaion is equal to marriage should think again, for the sake of the children who are the victims of the fragmentation described.

£6.00 (only £3.00 to FTM members) & 80p p&p from Book Sales, Institute for the Study of Civil Society, The Mezzanine, Elizabeth House, 39 York Rd, London SE1 7NQ email books@civitas.org.uk