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Mother Love

By Martine Oborne Published by Piatkus, 2000

Do you ever get fed up of being told that mothers can 'have it all' - a high-flying job and children? Then this is the book for you - a humorous but definitive put-down of the 'superwoman'!

Louise Atlas has a career negotiating multi-million pound deals in the city and three small children (in that order) - but even she realises with the odd pang of guilt that it all depends on her 'saintly' nanny. Not only does the nanny then leave, but Louise's sister disappears, dumping her baby on its aunt, who has almost literally to juggle one of those delightful overflowing nappies with a crucial business deal.

Things spiral from bad to worse as Louise discovers that managing a workaholic creep of a boss has nothing on looking after four children. But the hilarious incidents that ensue - if the scene where she ends up threatening her boss with a bottle of juice doesn't have you doubled up with laughter and maternal fellow-feeling, I'll eat my baby-gap fluffy hat - gradually bring Louise to a realisation of what it really takes to be a superwoman...

Martine Oborne is a member of FTM who gave up her career in the city as director of Rothschilds to look after her four children. She writes with a wonderful comic touch and this, her first novel, is a fantastic shot in the arm for full time mothers everywhere!

Alexandra Nightingale