Full Time Moms

Thank you for visiting FullTimeMothers.org. We understand that parenthood is a demanding, worrying, and downright scary experience for first time mothers. Our goal is to help you along and make things a little easier on this new full time endeavor. Kids are the most joyous and wonderful gifts, but they are also a lot of work. We plan to bring you the latest news, advice and product reviews that can help make raising a child less taxing and hopefully more rewarding.

We have raised 3 children of our own, each with their own challenges, but all are a true blessing. We have learned a lot from raising each of them and we would like to share the knowledge that we have gained to help other mom’s avoid some of the mistakes that we might have made.

Whether you are a first time parent, or you already have a few children, we hope our site can aid you along the way and make your life easier. Being a full time mother is one of the most important jobs that any of us can have, so let’s get to work together.