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Time for Parenting...

...because raising children is a full-time job

Local Groups

These are for members of FTM - so do join.

How to start

If there is not a group in your area you may like to consider starting one. Here are some ideas as to how to go about this:

1. Posters: There is a very attractive FTM poster available, 14.5cm X 21cm, on which you can enter your own phone number, next to the FTM national address. These could be put up in the local doctor's surgery, baby clinic, library etc. Email us for some.

2. Start with people you know already. Invite a few local friends for coffee or afternoon tea, and tell them about FTM. Have copies of the leaflet and back copies of the newsletter for people to take and consider. You could have a brief discussion on a pre-arranged topic (see below). Then suggest that your gatherings become a regular event and ask if those who are interested could each bring one new person to the next event.

Ask people to put up the small posters with their or your phone number, adding that there is now a local group to which anyone is welcome.

What to do


'Why does a child need a committed mother?'
'What qualities are brought out of us by being mothers?'
'Are we confident in our stature as FTMs? What are our talents?'
'What are the mother's and father's role in a family?'
'How can we strike a balance between love and discipline for a child?'
'Raising boys and girls: what are we aiming for?'
'How can we best support a child at school?'
'How can be make the views of mums at home heard?'
'Why does society undervalue motherhood?'
'What place does feminism have in motherhood?'
'What do we think about extended schools and wrap-around care?'


A local group can be very effective in campaigning. Together, or individually, you could compose a letter to local MPs, local press or national press on any of the FTM topics such as a child's need, a mother's role, the unhelpful tax situation for one-earner families and so on.