A Toaster Oven Designed To Make Your Life Easier

Top toaster oven for moms

We all are familiar with the time constraints placed on us being a full time mother. We barely have time to catch a 5 minute nap let alone cook a healthy homemade meal for ourselves or our family. This is where having the right kitchen appliances can come to our rescue. We take help where we can get it and if there is something out there that can make things easier for us it is prudent to take advantage of it. A toaster oven is one such appliance that can deliver what you need in less time and with less work.

Now, if you have not taken a closer look at countertop ovens lately you may be thinking that how can something that makes toast help me eat better. The fact is that these machines have really advanced to the point where they can now handle just about any kind of cooking job that your big sized oven can handle. From casseroles to cookies, today’s toaster ovens can help you prepare your favorite recipes with exceptionally delicious results. They give you the power and versatility of a conventional oven but in a smaller, more convenient, and more energy efficient package.

Now that we have you intrigued, it is time to look at one countertop option that has just about everything that a full time mom would want.

What Can The Cuisinart TOB-260N Do For You?

We are huge fan of Cuisinart products and their line of toaster ovens is quite impressive. They recently came out with a new oven to try and compete with Breville’s popular countertop oven models. The Cuisinart TOB-260 convection toaster oven is their high end entry into this market that is packed with features and settings that can deliver you mouth watering results. From its modern styling to its cooking performance, this may be the only oven you ever need.

Convection Cooking Function

small-ovenThis is the area where the TOB-260 really shines and it is what sets it apart from other models in its class. It comes with not 1, but 2 different convection settings to help speed up your cook times and ensure that everything is done evenly on all sides and all the way through. You do not have to worry about hot spots with this feature. Convection is the new big thing for home ovens as it has a fan inside the blows and circulates the hot air around the food. This air flow also has the advantage of reducing the amount of time needed to cook while using lower temperatures. Perhaps the only downside of this feature is that you will now have to experiment with your recipe time requirements. Luckily, there are some useful tools that will allow you to easily adjust your convection cooking times.

The second of the 2 convection settings is called “Speed Convection” and it allows you to completely skip preheating the oven and get right to cooking. This is something that other countertop ovens just don’t have. You can use these settings with any of the presets to take advantage of what cooking with convection can give your food.

Other Prime Features

  • Exact Heat” – This is Cuisinart’s own oven technology that guarantees that food is cooked evenly. The quartz elements inside of the oven deliver heat where it is needed with no user interaction needed.
  • LCD Display – You can really see the influence of trying to compete with Breville here. Modern appliances take things to another level with their LCD displays and the TOB-260 is no different. It is easy to read and navigate. Looks fabulous in any type of kitchen.
  • Stainless Steel – Again, this is something that is almost a must have for a modern kitchen. This looks really sleek and should fit it nicely with any other steel appliances that you may have.
  • Pre-settings – No matter what kind of food you want to prepare or how you want to prepare it, there is probably a setting for it. It has 11 in all, and when combined with the convection settings, it gives you the ultimate customization to get the results that you desire.
  • Size – This oven is also great for hungry families as it has plenty of room for big meals. It can accommodate up to 9 small slices of bread for example. Need to roast a chicken? It can do it. If you have a lot of mouths to feed, then this is the oven for you.
  • Simple To Use Controls – With one main dial, and easy to push buttons, there is not a big learning curve required to use this oven. Everything is laid out rather intuitively so you can get right to cooking.
  • Easy To Clean – This is perhaps the second biggest advantage next to its performance. Non-stick materials only require a simple wipe down with a wet cloth to get it looking like new.

Why Use A Toaster Oven?

Even though the features look appealing you may be wondering why you should go out and spend money on a toaster oven when you already have an oven in your kitchen. This is a fair point, and it is something that often keeps people from getting one of these, but they are missing out.

The smaller size of this oven means that you will have to wait less time for preheating. Your food will be done faster without sacrificing taste. If you get an oven with convection functionality then that can be reduced even more. Clean up will also be less of a hassle which is another advantage of having a smaller oven on your countertop. The energy savings, as well, will probably pay for the cost of a toaster oven in the long run, so there is really no excuse to try one of these out in your home.

Time is always the most valued commodity to a Mom, next to sleep, so finding ways to save it is always welcome. We often go for something fast to eat and settle for something that is not all that exciting or healthy for us. Using a countertop oven will allow you to make something that is good for your diet that actually taste delicious, all while saving us some precious time in the process.

The Cuisinart TOB-260 is just one example of the many wonderful small ovens that are available for your counter. You can find more toaster oven reviews on sites like Gouverneur Times to get something that fits exactly what you need in your kitchen. You can truly rediscover the joy of home cooked meals with one of these ovens, and your family will thank you for it.