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Time for Parenting...

...because raising children is a full-time job

January 2001 Newsletter

Editorial; Voices; Baby to child: the importance of emotional well-being; The Nurturing Programme; New members write

New members write...

'I find it ludicrous that one should be paid to look after other people's children whilst being financially penalised for wanting to care for one's own' Sussex

'Until recently I was attempting to combine motherhood with a career as an accountant. However, I found more pleasure with my 2 boys and decided that was what I wanted to give my time to.' Surrey

'I want to associate with other women who do not feel they have to apologise for the choice they have made to be a full-time mother' Glamorgan

'My choice to live out the role of full-time mother has involved me in an uphill struggle with social isolation, lack of recognition or support and the financial restraints of only my husband earning. This struggle has contributed to several periods of depression. I have supported your aims for years and wish I had realised earlier I was not alone in my beliefs!'