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January 2002 Newsletter

Editorial; From the chair; New members write; Financial report; AGM; What the papers say; Emotional development; What does the committee do?; Poem; Your letters


From the editor

After three years of giving her exceptional qualities to Full Time Mothers as chairman, Jill Kirby has moved from this role to a new one as a member of a family policy group for the Centre for Policy Studies, a Westminster think-tank. She will continue to write and campaign on family issues and the needs of children. Thankfully she will also be continuing as FTM's Press Officer, responsible for our contact with the media. In this way she remains very much with us, and I am honoured to take on the role of chairman from her, supported by Jane MacRae as vice-chairman. Alison Sauer has kindly agreed to take over from Jill as editor of the newsletter.

FTM had a momentous week in mid-November in which we celebrated our tenth anniversary. Woman's Hour devoted a whole hour's programme to the topic of full time mothers, working mothers and the issue of daycare. In it were featured FTM's Jill Kirby, plus Sally Beck from our sister organisation WATCh, Professor Jay Belsky, director of The Institute for the study of Children, Families and Social Issues at Birkbeck College, London, and Lisa Harker from the Daycare Trust in a very positive interview with Jenni Murray. Two days later a follow-up phone-in was broadcast, which was inundated with calls, most of them supportive of us. The programme was considered so successful that it was also featured on Weekend Woman's Hour.

Our AGM and tenth birthday celebration lunch was a very positive and well-attended event. We were fortunate in having two speakers whose books we have reviewed in the newsletter, Dr Catherine Hakim, senior research fellow from the L.S.E. speaking on work-lifestyle choices for women, and Melissa Hill author of the inspirational The Smart Woman's Guide to Staying at Home. We were delighted that virtually all our founders and past chairman, and many past speakers too, as well as a good number of FTM members were able to be present for this very enjoyable occasion.

Sarah Douglas-Pennant