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Time for Parenting...

...because raising children is a full-time job

January 2002 Newsletter

Editorial; From the chair; New members write; Financial report; AGM; What the papers say; Emotional development; What does the committee do?; Poem; Your letters

So What Does the Committee Do?

- a new series focusing on the diverse "jobs" of some of our committee members

I've been looking after the e-mails received by FTM for about a year now. We get about 10 to 15 a week - maybe more if we've had some publicity on television or in the major newspapers.

Sometimes they're from full-time mothers who have just heard about FTM and are thrilled to find a whole group of people who share their views. These messages are often very inspiring - reminding me of how important the work of FTM is, particularly in supporting mothers who feel isolated in today's society.

Some people ask for information on joining, others have already joined via the web-site.

Occasionally, we get messages of support from people who have seen our web-site and simply want to let us know that they agree with our aims. I hope they tell all their friends too!

We often receive messages from researchers, asking for information for their studies or newspaper articles. I pass these e-mails on to Jill, who has her finger on the pulse. It's good to help where we can - and perhaps we can get a bit of good publicity at the same time!

Occasionally, we get messages from other organisations that have, or would like to form, links with us. - We even had one from a group in Poland who agreed with our aims! This month I've had lots of messages about the 10th Anniversary meeting!

But, not surprisingly, e-mails are proving most useful for sorting out those practical things like changes of address, queries about subscriptions paid, feedback on the web-site, etc., which can be done so much more quickly on-line.

- Deborah Clark

Deborah does a marvellous job and the committee would like to express their thanks for her valuable contribution. - Alison Sauer - Editor