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January 2002 Newsletter

Editorial; From the chair; New members write; Financial report; AGM; What the papers say; Emotional development; What does the committee do?; Poem; Your letters

From the editor

I hope you enjoy this issue of the Full Time Mothers Newsletter. I am delighted to have been given the job of producing it for you. Any comments - good or bad - will be welcome.

2001 was a busy year for FTM and we have had lots of positive media coverage. Our efforts with Natural Parent alone have brought us around 70 new members showing that with good publicity we can make ourselves bigger and stronger and therefore more representative.

You may notice the absence of the contact spot. This will reappear next issue - there were some problems this time round but you will see just how long the list is next issue!

In this issue you will find reports about the AGM - the speakers were wonderful; very inspiring. You will also find a pink sheet enclosed. Yes it's subscription time - why not save the effort next year though and fill in the standing order now? We need your money in order to carry on our work.

Please do also have a think about what you can do for FTM. It could be something small - perhaps you've read an inspirational book and would like to recommend it. Maybe you could carry a couple of FTM leaflets in your handbag to give to kindred spirits you meet and chat to at the doctor's or on the bus! Possibly pin up a poster at the doctor's. You could even write an article for us or your local NCT group or church newsletter. Or you could start a small group - 3 or 4 mums round for coffee once a week - they could be ones you already know to start with. There are many ways to help and in this New Year you might be able to make a big difference - help to support and change a life.

Alison Sauer - alison@sauer.demon.co.uk