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January 2002 Newsletter

Editorial; From the chair; New members write; Financial report; AGM; What the papers say; Emotional development; What does the committee do?; Poem; Your letters


Financial report for the year to August 2001

In the year to August 2001, our total income was £5457 and total expenditure was £3103. There was a balance of £5575 in our account at the end of August 2001. Subscription income was down by 19% mainly due to existing members failing to renew. However as donations were up on last year, our total income was almost the same (2000 £5753)

In order to reduce our costs, we shared a stand with WATCH at the NCT Conference in June. Our workshop in May on Infant Mental Health generated a small profit and we did not need to spend as much on leaflets and posters as last year.

We depend on your subscriptions and donations to continue our work - please remember to renew your membership and if possible, complete a standing order form. Thank you for all your support.

Pat Dudley, Treasurer

Membership renewals are now due

Yes, it's that time of year again and we are asking that those of you who have not before arranged a standing order with us send your cheque/postal order payments now along with the enclosed pink renewal form (if you have already arranged a standing order there is no need to send in a form but do contact us if any of your details have changed!)

Better still - and this would save you postage for the future - set up a standing order too (this will commence next year). With a standing order you have complete control - only the amount of money authorised leaves your account on the arranged date and you can cancel or change it at any time.
Please note subscriptions are due by the end of March each year.
Please also ensure that any changes in your details - including new e-mail addresses - are noted on the form!