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May 2002 Newsletter

From the chair; New members write; Then and Now; A Mum's CV; Women's National Commission; What the papers say; What the committee does

From the Chair

Our campaign to have the real needs of children and families understood and recognised has been given a major boost recently with the publication of Jill Kirby's booklet, written for the Centre for Policy Studies, where she chairs the Family Policy Project. Entitled Broken Hearts, Family Decline and the Consequences for Society, our former chairman explains in clear terms how urgently reform is needed. It has had good media coverage and interest is still on going. It is reviewed elsewhere in this newsletter.

The inclusion of our newsletter in the September/October 2001 edition of Natural Parent magazine has resulted in a large influx of new members, and we are very grateful to Natural Parent for enabling us to make contact with so many who support our aims. Do also encourage any friends who are in agreement to join FTM. We need as many members as possible to give weight to our voice.

Many thanks to all whom have sent in their subscriptions or made donations. Thank you too for the many letters and emails which we have received. Finally, a reminder that any subscriptions that have not yet been paid are now due. If you have not already done it, could you please complete the form and send it with your subscription. Please don't delay or forget we are wholly dependent on our members for funding and it is only with your support that we can exist!

Sarah Douglas-Pennant