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September 2001 Newsletter

From the chair; Early attachment is crucial; In your own words; Write to your MP today!; What the papers say; Noticeboard; Your letters

From the chair

Welcome to our tenth birthday edition!

It was back in 1991 that Full Time Mothers held its inaugural Open Meeting and sent out the very first Newsletter. On 14 November we shall be celebrating this achievement, with the help of some special guests. Having devoted our recent open meetings to the needs of babies and young children, our theme this time will be the lives of women as mothers.

The first of our speakers will be Dr Catherine Hakim, writer and Research Fellow at the London School of Economics. Dr Hakim will talk about her latest book (reviewed in our Spring 2001 Newsletter) which challenges widespread assumptions about the aspirations of today's women - in their choice about careers, marriage and motherhood.

Following Dr Hakim will be Melissa Hill, full-time mother and writer whose book 'The Smart Woman's Guide to Staying at Home' is reviewed inside, and whose positive and inspiring message about life at home deserves the widest possible audience.

Full details of the meeting appear inside - I do hope you can join us. Thanks to the generosity of Natural Parent magazine, who are meeting the cost of sending you this Newsletter, members will receive with this edition a free copy of the Sept/Oct issue of Natural Parent. It includes an article by FTM Committee Member Alison Sauer, writing about her decision to give up her own business to become a full-time mother.

Alison's article not only makes an interesting read, it also provides welcome publicity for FTM. Natural Parent is sending all its subscribers the FTM membership leaflet - so we look forward to a wave of new members as a result.