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September 1999 Newsletter

From The Chair; Mothers feel undervalued; Educare = Daycare + Education; Back to work at 12 months; Full Time Mothers AGM and Open Meeting; "Supporting Families": the response; New members write .....; Farewell to the Family?; Your letters

Farewell to the Family?

'As the negative outcomes of family breakdown continue to accumulate, the political classes still lack the will to take remedial action','says FTM patron and sociologist Patricia Morgan. A senior research fellow at the Institute of Economic Affairs, Patricia has recently revised and updated her 1995 book 'Farewell to the Family?'.

The book showed how an influential alliance of policy advisers, sections of the media and, significantly, the Treasury, had de-stabilised the married-couple family to the point where, for lower-income groups, it might not be in their interest to marry at all. Since Farewell to the Family? first appeared, we have had further relaxation of the divorce laws, and a change of government. But the pro-family rhetoric of New Labour seems to be as empty as that of the Conservatives.

In order to preserve the married family, Patricia calls for a radical overhaul in the tax and benefit system. For a copy, contact the IEA, 2 Lord North Street, London SWLP 3LB Tel: 020 7799 2137

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