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Time for Parenting...

...because raising children is a full-time job

September 1999 Newsletter

From The Chair; Mothers feel undervalued; Educare = Daycare + Education; Back to work at 12 months; Full Time Mothers AGM and Open Meeting; "Supporting Families": the response; New members write .....; Farewell to the Family?; Your letters

New members write .....

Our regular (anonymous) column gives us a few of the comments made by members joining FTM recently:

'Having been a'career woman' I began motherhood at 36. I'm alarmed at the number of mothers who assume the'right'thing to do is return to work; the social, material and now political (economic) pressures on mothers concern me'

'Children - and indeed marriage and family life - are too often seen as a hindrance to personal fulfilment. I have found the opposite to be the case'

'It's very sad that the government encourages and supports activities that separate mother and baby instead of providing a way of nurturing the mother to allow her to be with her baby. Society would benefit enormously!'

I'm just delighted there is an Organisation that will represent me and everything I believe in'

'I felt fed up trying to be a superwoman - a good mother, a good wife and a good teacher. So I resigned from my job and I am now a full-time mother -which is great!'

The family is the bed-rock, the foundation of society. A mother at home holds the family together and gives the home the atmosphere where children can thrive (as well as her husband!) Far from being narrow and limited, this actually helps society'