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October 2000 Newsletter

Editorial; Notice of AGM; Feeling under pressure; Marriage and Parenting; Motherhood mady sexy; Survey Results; Warning! Motherhood can damage your wealth; What the papers say

What the papers say

'Children are growing up in a lonely way, with lots of material goods but not a lot of guidance' according to Rosanne Musgrave, head of Blackheath High School in south London and former president of the Girls Schools Association.

Miss Musgrave made these comments in an interview with the Sunday Telegraph, also remarking that it was a sad outcome of modern life that parents often had less than an hour a day to spend with their children.

The decline in family meals and household conversation represents a big problem, not just in low-income households but among the affluent. 'There's no opportunity for the passing on of family traditions, family culture and general knowledge. It means the child can be impoverished in his or her development' said Miss Musgrave.