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Time for Parenting...

...because raising children is a full-time job

October 2000 Newsletter

Editorial; Notice of AGM; Feeling under pressure; Marriage and Parenting; Motherhood mady sexy; Survey Results; Warning! Motherhood can damage your wealth; What the papers say

Feeling under pressure

Mothers are ready to admit that working and looking after children is just too much of a strain, with damaging effects on their children and their marriage.

July's Top Sante magazine carried the results of their survey of working women: 66% thought that trying to work and look after children is harder than they imagined; 93% feel stressed-out. 75% think there is a greater risk of marital breakdown if both partners work full-time, 58% say stress causes them to shout at their children. Worryingly, 80% believe that the children of full-time working parents suffer emotionally, yet women admit that this doesn't stop them copying male working patterns - such as arriving home after the children are in bed.

And top working women as role models included Cherie Blair and Carol Vorderman - neither of whom could be said to spend much time with their children!