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December 1999 Newsletter

From the Chair; Your baby needs you!

Your baby needs you!

'Children who do not have secure relationships early in life are at greater risk of significant mental health problems, educational difficulties or conduct disorders', according to the Child Psychotherapy Trust in their new policy document 'Promoting Infant Mental Health'. And a growing body of research shows that children thrive best if they are cared for by their mothers, especially in the early years.

The American Journal of Developmental Psychology recently published research showing that mothers who leave their children to be cared for by others for more than ten hours per week are damaging their relationship with their children. According to this research (reported in the Daily Mail last November) substitute care led to a tack of sensitivity by mothers to their children's needs (FFM members may feel that this is stating the obvious!).

In December, he Mail carried a moving report by WATCH member Sally Beck on how a working mother can miss signs that her affectionate but disrupted child is unhappy, ignoring the child's longings to be with her. Psychotherapist Susan vas Dias commented: 'It is better if mothers stay at home and look after their children for the first five years. If you use a nanny, she will become the child's emotional mother .. you cannot afford to change carers in those five years'.