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December 1999 Newsletter

From the Chair; Your baby needs you!

From the Chair

Jill Kirby

Our November 99 Open Meeting and AGM was a great success, with record attendance and two thought-provoking and talented speakers on the subject: 'School too soon?' A full account appears inside. It was good to see so many of you there, including many new members; I hope you will all be back next time.

If you have access to the internet, you can now log on to www.fulltimemothers.org, for information about our activities and to.offer your comments and contributions. Our brand-new website is dedicated to the memory of past Chairman Frances Savin, who sadly died last year. I know that many full-time mothers (me included!) are not on the internet, but we hope that our website will not only be a resource to members but also an important way of spreading our message and gaining new supporters.

This is the time of year when we need your money! Unless you joined the Organisation in the last six months, your subscription is now due. This year, instead of asking you to cut up the newsletter, we are enclosing a separate membership form, which also gives you the future option of paying by banker's order. Don't just put the form to one side; please fill it in now and put it in the post with your cheque. As you will see from the reports inside, your sub is put to good use. Not only does it pay for the printing and postal costs of the newsletter, it is also used to fund our leaflets and publicity material, and to enable us to subscribe to other parenting and campaigning organisations where we feel it is important to give Full Time Mothers a voice. We have no other source of funding, so do make that form a priority, and don't wait for a reminder. Thank you for your support.

Thank you also for all your letters, press cuttings and news about your own experiences; I am sorry we cannot always reply to you but do keep writing in. We need to know how you feel so we can lobby more effectively on your behalf.