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Time for Parenting...

...because raising children is a full-time job


to the Conservative Party's Childcare Commission February 2007

to the Social Justice Foundation in October 2006

by What About The Children? to the Family Breakdown Group of the Conservative party's Social Justice Policy Review Group in Sept 2006. Click here (pdf) for presentation.

Limit parents' choice: the government's 'best start for children'. The strategy is based on the false assumption that all mothers want to be in paid employment outside the home. - Feb 2005. Click here for this Feb 2005 reponse to government policy from Family & Youth Concern.

FTM response to proposed childcare bill - September 2005 In summary:

We are unhappy that the proposed bill centres entirely on the non-maternal care of young children by paid employees. This means that:-

  • The developmental needs of children are not acknowledged, due to the emphasis on third party care
  • The Bill fails to provide for the wishes of those women who choose to look personally after children of tender year
  • Family Education Trust responds to proposed childcare bill

    by FTM to the Parliamentary Work and Pensions Committee inquiry, February 2003